Agustin Goy: Sixty Years in Art

Agustin Goy (born 1935), who is known for his mastery of realist paintings, selects his artworks for an exhibition at the National Museum. Comprising of art done over the last sixty years, the exhibition reveals the artist’s images, techniques, and materials from a wealth of a creative background. In this colorful display, featuring 62 paintings […]

Saturday Fun Machine | Isabel Roxas

In the world before cable television, waking up for Saturday morning cartoons was a cherished tradition that framed many other memories of childhood. For Isabel Roxas, as for everyone who was a child in Manila in the 1980s, Saturday Fun Machine—a block of programming devoted to robots, superheroes, and other wild fantasies—is a key piece […]

Transnational Narrations: Paperworks

Artworks done on paper tend to stress the skill and presence of the artist’s hand. Their scale is intimate and subtle. In a very real sense they bring us close to the creative act as a direct transmission from brain to hand. The exhibition Transnational Narrations: Paperworks centres on that process. The participating artists come […]