Tahigami Music | Datu Arellano

Tahi is the Filipino word for stitch and gami (kami) is Japanese for paper. Combined they form Tahigami, a word the artist made up, which means stitching on paper. Datu Arellano began Tahigami as a method of drawing. After a few years in development, tahi to him is about connecting, discovering common threads, finding intersections […]

Polyphony: A Review of Attitude of the Mind | Jose Maceda

An interlay of crackling wood, beating brass, and high-pitched whistle—all in diverse rhythm—interspersed with flooding male voices chanting, and a consistently soft electronic buzz greet one as s/he enters the midst of the exhibition. The polyphony resembles that of cafeteria noise, comprised of the chatter of different circles of students breaking free from the monotony […]