Camouflage | Nicole Coson

Concluding the year, Silverlens is pleased to announce Nicole Coson’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, Camouflage. Featuring nine large-scale works accomplished through monotype printmaking, the show captures and reterritorializes camouflage within the ambit of the optical, interrogating its capacity to imitate, blend into, and ultimately subsume reality. Drained of its militarized context and its tactical functionality, […]

Horizon | Lou Lim

Silverlens is pleased to announce one of its two concluding shows of the year, Horizon, Lou Lim’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Lou Lim is recognized for her highly sculptural practice wherein industrial and at time noxious building materials like silicon, latex and elastomeric house paints are seemingly tamed and gently coerced to mimic skin, […]

Medusa | Wawi Navarroza

Known for her photographic works in portraiture, contemporary landscape, and installation, Wawi Navarroza returns with a much-anticipated solo exhibition entitled “MEDUSA” at the new space of Silverlens Galleries in Makati, Metro Manila, May 6 to June 3, 2017. In this exhibit, the artist calls forth the Medusa and the Gaze that can turn the Seen […]

. . . | Issay Rodriguez

We are pleased to announce Issay Rodriguez’s second solo exhibition at Silverlens since January 2016. Rodriguez is also participating at the 57th Venice Biennale “Viva Arte Viva”, curated by Christine Macel, opening mid-May. In this exhibition titled ・・・, Issay Rodriguez reveals a silent manifestation of social contract written in between traces of our material culture. […]

Yee I-Lann: 2005-2016

Ayala Museum and Silverlens are pleased to present Yee I-Lann: 2005-2016. A landmark exhibit, this is the first solo show for a Malaysian contemporary artist in the Ayala Museum. “The simultaneous journeys I would take would be as a librarian, a collector, a sorter of stories and as a researcher using those libraries of information, […]

Fall Leaves After Leaves Fall | Nona Garcia

This September, Nona Garcia will be the final artist to show in Silverlens’ first Pasong Tamo Extension gallery, before the gallery moves down the street to its new building in Lapanday Centre. In the ten years since Silverlens started the warehouse gallery model, only three artists have successfully used all the spaces for a single show—Arturo […]

The Ecstasy of Departure: A Review of Leaves Fall After Fall Leaves | Nona Garcia

Probably relevant to the departure and movement of the Silverlens Gallery to its new home at the Lapanday Center, the last exhibition in the Pasong Tamo Extension gallery, which fully occupies all of its exhibition spaces, dwells in the reflection of artist Nona Garcia on the experience of ‘leaving’. This human experience, which is part of a natural cycle every being […]

Survey | Lorenzo, Rillo, Ong, Santos

Survey gathers four boldfaced names who have successfully navigated the artist/gallerist divide. Isa Lorenzo and Rachel Rillo of Silverlens, Mawen Ong of MO_, and Soler Santos of West Gallery became gallerists out of necessity between 1989 and 2007, when the local art scene suffered from a dearth of exhibition spaces willing to take risks on […]

Transference | Jet Pascua

What shapes our present? How much should we forget, and how much should be remembered? How do traumas scar our bodies and minds throughout time and space, influencing who we are—both as individuals and as a society? All these questions are at the heart of Jet Pascua’s latest solo exhibition, entitled Transference. In psychoanalysis, transference can […]

Who Are You Wearing? | Yvonne Quisumbing

“Who are you wearing?” comes out as if told in apology, or pure curiousity, or invitation to reflection, or rebuke, or damnation. The wide spectrum covered by the query covers the equally wide spectrum of disturbances associated with question, whether pertaining to the objectification of women’s bodies, commodification of individuality, or the myth of freedom […]