Future’s Past | Sven Marquardt

Sven Marquardt returns to the Philippines for his first solo exhibition of photography in the country. “FUTURE’S PAST” is a collection of black and white portraits that present an examination of humanity with intense themes running through the timeless images—30 years in the making. The exhibition is laid out as a narrative, telling an intimate story about […]

Chicken Hands | Ryan Arbilo

Chicken Hands highlights the black-and-white images of Paris-based photographer Ryan Arbilo. Since 2009, Arbilo has been photographing Filipino housemaids who have been working in France for many years. These women use their hands as their only tool. Hands which, damaged by housework, look like chicken feet. The housemaids’ faces are also marked by the hardships […]

Life as Perpetual Tentativeness: A Short Analysis of Madadayo (2013) by Ringo Bunoan

Filipina artist Ringo Bunoan’s Madadayo (2013), which was previously exhibited at the Manila Contemporary last 2013, is an installation composed of a series of grayscale photographs, and a reconstructed boat. At its core, it is an artwork that is influenced by Japanese notions of beauty, reflecting the philosophies of wabi (侘, understated beauty) and mono […]

Composites in Protest: A Review of Yee I-Lann: 2005 – 2016

Through her works, highly-contextualized composites made from various fragments of images carefully stitched together, Sabahan artist Yee I-Lann expresses her views on the socio-political issues that surround her — whether it be on Sabahan politics, feminism, or the general colonial historicity. After being exhibited around our Southeast Asian and Asian neighbors, it is a pleasure to have her here in […]

Another Sense of Identity: A Review of Octoroon

With its strong offensive connotation, the name of the exhibition — Octoroon, which literally refers to people with one-eighth aboriginal blood, may lead the viewer into thinking that it is an exhibition centered on the different realities that play in the lives of these people as one-eight aboriginals within the established social construct. However, the exhibition attempted and […]

Octoroon | Peta Clancy & Helen Pynor, Bindi Cole Chocka and Steven Rhall

As we enter a new decade of partnership with LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art , the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) presents an exhibition of contemporary Australian art featuring three video and photographic installations dealing with issues of identity and representation from the Indigenous perspective. Since 2005, the Art Exchange Program has been […]