Walang Kikilos | Evangelista, Pastrana, et al

Walang Kikilos! Nobody Move! is a collaborative project that documents the rhythms, patterns, textures, muscular memories, and cultural aches that relentlessly throb in our beloved city, Manila. Capturing the images, sounds, colors, surfaces, and substances of these clogged arteries are works of mixed and multi-media installations of video and photography, incorporating music, text, and sound. […]

Extreme Present | mono8 Gallery Inaugural Show

Mono8 proudly presents Extreme Present for its inaugural show, which explores pluralism in contemporary art and the challenges artists face to keep up with the now in order to produce what is new and unique. Featuring a variety of styles, medium, and subjects, where the whole mix is a taste of the complex nature of […]

Manila: Hidden in Plain Sight | Abrera, Ermitano, et al

Embodied by a rich colonial heritage and saturated community of hybridized culture, Manila is a city of enduring but evolving identity. MANILA: Hidden in Plain Sightrepresents the character of the metropolitan that is continuously reshaped by its urban landscape and city dwellers. This exhibition weaves the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ painting collection with the practices of […]

The Inverted Telescope | Aquilizan, Bunoan, Damag, et al

The Inverted Telescope opens on 7 June, 6pm at the 4th floor galleries of the CCP. In this exhibition, curator Angel Shaw presents a dialogue with artists Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Ringo Bunoan, Gaston Damag, Kawayan de Guia, Mark Justiniani, Arvin Nogueras, and Walang Kikilos (Poklong Anading, Rico Entico, Jayvee del Rosario, Neo Maestro, Paul Mondok, MM […]

‘No Chaos No Party’: Glimpse into the Manila Contemporary Art Scene

It has been almost three decades since the book ‘Conversations on Philippine Art’ by art critic and writer Cid Reyes has been published. It is timely now, given the massive developments in the art practice since the 80’s, to release such book that features interviews and inside correspondences with the artists of the time. This is where the contemporary art book […]

Mars Ravelo Reinterpreted

Komiks, once regarded as the bastard of Philippine literature, has proven itself deeply ingrained in the cultural consciousness of the Filipino people. Interestingly though, as a form of expression in the visual arts and in literature, komiks has a need to constantly prove itself to be considered a legitimate art form. It is in this […]

Christmas Wishes | Year-End Group Show

Group show of the following contemporary artists: Catalina Africa, Juan Alcazaren, Amy Aragon, Felix Bacolor, Vic Balanon, Gino Bueza, Annie Cabigting, Valeria Cavestany, Jonathan Ching, Mariano Ching, Cheska Co, Lena Cobangbang, Louie Cordero, Nicole Coson, Mike Crisostomo, Leslie De Chavez, RM De Leon, Bembol Dela Cruz, Ranelle Dial, Carlo Gabuco, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Paola Germar, Eugene Jarque, Geraldine Javier, Mark Justiniani, Taichi Kondo, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Joy Mallari, Pow Martinez, Keiye Miranda, Redd Nacpil, Raffy Napay, Poch Naval, Elaine Navas, Manuel Ocampo, Nikki Ocean, Jayson Oliveria, Kim Oliveros, Pardo De Leon, Garyross Pastrana, Michelle Perez, Ian […]