Does It Matter Who You Are? | Yasmin Sison, Mariano Ching

Calamity reeks through the air. In every turn, a bombardment of issues and negativity seep through our every day. Mariano Ching and Yasmin Sison’s two-man exhibition “Does It Matter Who You Are?” is a series of portraits that seize the apprehensions and anxieties of living in today’s political climate. As though in deep breaths, paint […]

Lost Highway | Mariano Ching

Mobilities and its anxieties or why now is NOT the time to drink In 1898, the French cartoonist Marius Rossillon showed a rejected study he originally did for a German brewery to the brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, owners of what was then a fledgling bicycle tire company. The sketch featured a rotund man offering […]

Mars Ravelo Reinterpreted

Komiks, once regarded as the bastard of Philippine literature, has proven itself deeply ingrained in the cultural consciousness of the Filipino people. Interestingly though, as a form of expression in the visual arts and in literature, komiks has a need to constantly prove itself to be considered a legitimate art form. It is in this […]

Christmas Wishes | Year-End Group Show

Group show of the following contemporary artists: Catalina Africa, Juan Alcazaren, Amy Aragon, Felix Bacolor, Vic Balanon, Gino Bueza, Annie Cabigting, Valeria Cavestany, Jonathan Ching, Mariano Ching, Cheska Co, Lena Cobangbang, Louie Cordero, Nicole Coson, Mike Crisostomo, Leslie De Chavez, RM De Leon, Bembol Dela Cruz, Ranelle Dial, Carlo Gabuco, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Paola Germar, Eugene Jarque, Geraldine Javier, Mark Justiniani, Taichi Kondo, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Joy Mallari, Pow Martinez, Keiye Miranda, Redd Nacpil, Raffy Napay, Poch Naval, Elaine Navas, Manuel Ocampo, Nikki Ocean, Jayson Oliveria, Kim Oliveros, Pardo De Leon, Garyross Pastrana, Michelle Perez, Ian […]