‘No Chaos No Party’: Glimpse into the Manila Contemporary Art Scene

It has been almost three decades since the book ‘Conversations on Philippine Art’ by art critic and writer Cid Reyes has been published. It is timely now, given the massive developments in the art practice since the 80’s, to release such book that features interviews and inside correspondences with the artists of the time. This is where the contemporary art book […]

Los Desastres de la Democracia (The Disasters of Democracy)

In 1815, Spanish court painter Francisco Goya was commissioned to paint “La Junta de la Compania de Filipinas”, his largest work, to commemorate the annual meeting of the Royal Company held in March 30. To mark the painting’s bicentenary in 2015, the Musée Goya in Castres, France invited Manuel Ocampo to create an intervention with […]

Transnational Narrations: Paperworks

Artworks done on paper tend to stress the skill and presence of the artist’s hand. Their scale is intimate and subtle. In a very real sense they bring us close to the creative act as a direct transmission from brain to hand. The exhibition Transnational Narrations: Paperworks centres on that process. The participating artists come […]

Counterpictures: Pictures in Drag | Manuel Ocampo

“While he purported to paint to please and wished to sell, he in fact exalted ideas about his artistic and spiritual aristocracy. His political opinions for what they are worth are decidedly anti-democratic. Yet he deliberately sought out the milieu he despised…”—Jonas Sanchez, The Misery of Good Intentions in the Pursuit of Manual Perfection For […]

Christmas Wishes | Year-End Group Show

Group show of the following contemporary artists: Catalina Africa, Juan Alcazaren, Amy Aragon, Felix Bacolor, Vic Balanon, Gino Bueza, Annie Cabigting, Valeria Cavestany, Jonathan Ching, Mariano Ching, Cheska Co, Lena Cobangbang, Louie Cordero, Nicole Coson, Mike Crisostomo, Leslie De Chavez, RM De Leon, Bembol Dela Cruz, Ranelle Dial, Carlo Gabuco, Lyra Garcellano, Nona Garcia, Paola Germar, Eugene Jarque, Geraldine Javier, Mark Justiniani, Taichi Kondo, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Joy Mallari, Pow Martinez, Keiye Miranda, Redd Nacpil, Raffy Napay, Poch Naval, Elaine Navas, Manuel Ocampo, Nikki Ocean, Jayson Oliveria, Kim Oliveros, Pardo De Leon, Garyross Pastrana, Michelle Perez, Ian […]