The Given Order | Jason Dy, SJ

The Given Order brings together Jason Dy, S.J. and Anton del Castillo in a visual exploration of the different tangents of faith and tradition in our past and in our lives today. Religion has been, and continuous to be, an all-encompassing influence in the lives of Filipinos. In Philippine history, its affect stretched beyond matters […]

What do I say to a Giant | Nick Joaquin

Quijano de Manila, Nick Joaquin’s nom de plume, made unparalleled contributions in the field of journalism early on as a proof reader, and later, as a writer, contributor and editor of numerous dailies, magazines and other publications. Within his long and fruitful career, Quijano’s brand of reportage and distinct mentorship are remembered by the multi-generational […]

Exposition | Cian Dayrit, Liv Vinluan, et al

The exhibition looks into one of the most excessively and overtly used words in the Spanish colonial context (“exposition”), and enacts its meaning to realign questions that punctuate this historical episode. Marrying the tangible with the ideological, the show will highlight three segments of the Lopez Collection that refer to varying projects undertaken by Spain […]

Drawing the Line | Coching, Dalena, Ruiz, et al

ILLUSTRATING THE STORY OF A NATION From striking depictions of personalities, to provocative illustrations of factions and even institutions, editorial or political cartoons have survived as an enduring art form that meshes representation, opinion and style of the artist. “Drawing the Lines” reads beyond the occupied space of the political cartoon in tabloids, newspapers and […]

Open Ends | Hidalgo, Hilario, Imao, Ramilo

Often, when we think of art, the gauge of its importance lies in its place in linear history. This ability to “place” an artwork comes from answers to questions about the artist and the context wherein it was created— finished. But what happens when art and art-making are interrupted? Is an unfinished work still worthy […]