Tribute to Sansó

This the 7th and last exhibition commemorating Sansó’s 70th year in Art. Several artists contributed their Sansó-inspired artworks in honor of Juvenal Sanso. Source: Exhibition Facebook Events Page

Two Halves of a Whole | Juvenal Sanso

In 1988, the Lopez Museum and Library, under the directorship of Roberto M. Lopez, publishes the book Sansó: Art Quest between Two Worlds and spearheads a multi-museum exhibit for the artist.  Sansó recalls in a personal note, how the young director was not only magnanimous but humbly assisted him throughout the exhibitions, to the point […]

School of Sansó | Juvenal Sansó

School of Sansó is the artist’s return to his roots, back to the University of the Philippines where his passion, values and skills to make art were honed through formal instruction and the diligent guidance of Filipino impressionist, post-impressionist, and modernist mentors. The 2F Main Gallery of the Vargas is home to some of the […]

Sansó: Setting the Stage

In celebration of his seventy years as an artist, Fundacion Sansó and Ayala Museum are co-presenting the exhibition Sansó: Setting the Stage, which opens to the public on July 19, 2016. Internationally-acclaimed visual artist Juvenal Sansó, whose prolific and distinguished career in printmaking and painting spans 70 years this year, has produced quite a number […]

Other: Zobel and Sanso

Fernando Zobel and Juvenal Sanso are both Spanish nationals who in part lived and practiced their art in the Philippines and internationally. Traditional discourse surrounding nationality and nationalism, this sense of “us” and “other” has always been pivotal. But in the case of both Zobel and Sanso, whose practices cross national borders, this narrow view […]