Violence Need Not Be Bloody For It To Be Validated As Such | Nikki Luna

Artist’s Statement There are seemingly two narratives in this space. The five thousand bullets were planned months ago to approximate the drug-related extra-judicial killings, with the thought of giving the tally a generous leeway. To date, there are more than 6000 victims, outnumbering the bullets by a thousand. Meanwhile, on the other wall is a […]

On Things To Not Forget: A Review of Stirring the Ashes | Leslie De Chavez

It is in the fragile moment right before the ashes from a fire would disintegrate, be blown away and be one with nature that artist Leslie De Chavez would like to bring the viewers in his recently concluded exhibition at the Ateneo Art Gallery. With this metaphor that operates through his pieces, the artist discloses the trend within Filipino society: big, controversial […]

Behind the Clouds | Ronald Ventura

“. . . An installation of found objects presents memories preserved through mementoes and other items collected during travel, providing cues for layers and overlapping images to take shape. Such material and process allude to a kind of attachment to sites and places, the one which haunts a traveller, or every soul that once lived […]

Unsteady Homes: A Review of Passage III | Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

This quarter’s exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum, entitled Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas, is dedicated to the selected artists’ explorations of the elements of water bodies, and their historical and contemporary connotations. From being the motherly space where all lifeforms originated to being the ravenous space whose waves consume ships that attempt to cross over, the ocean had always been the […]

Reverb | Mark Justiniani

Reverb explores the different ways of looking, seeing and viewing through Justiniani’s monumental installations that have illusory notions of the abyss. The exhibit explores different realities by giving its viewers multi-layered artworks whose ever-changing forms challenge visual and spatial grounding. Thus the exhibit invites us to question what is in front of us, and how […]

house|cards | Mica Cabildo + Stephanie Choi

house|cards is a space of ambiguity: the large scale installation is constructed out of sheets of a temporary yet sturdy material. Individual panels frame expanded building units, each containing multiples and variations of images evocative of the internal turmoil accompanying an external disaster. As the viewer shifts perspective the prints appear at times orderly and still, […]

All is Child Play: A Review of Casafuego | Toym Imao

Perhaps to playfully criticize the role of imaginative propaganda to repaint stories from our history through mainstream media, the artist, Abdulmari “Toym” Imao, has brought together his larger than life sculptures, depicting both characters from the country’s history, and fictional “pop culture iconographies”, in his solo exhibition, entitled Casafuego. The artist mixed in elements of fantasy, imagination and child […]

Casafuego | Toym Imao

In Casafuego, Toym Imao appropriates pop culture personalities and historical heroes and blurs the lines between fact and fiction. This installation attempts to be a visual metaphor of the dynamics of historical storytelling amidst the backdrop of nostalgia and pop culture iconographies. It uses larger than life figures representing iconic characters from the artist’s childhood. […]

Another Sense of Identity: A Review of Octoroon

With its strong offensive connotation, the name of the exhibition — Octoroon, which literally refers to people with one-eighth aboriginal blood, may lead the viewer into thinking that it is an exhibition centered on the different realities that play in the lives of these people as one-eight aboriginals within the established social construct. However, the exhibition attempted and […]

Octoroon | Peta Clancy & Helen Pynor, Bindi Cole Chocka and Steven Rhall

As we enter a new decade of partnership with LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art , the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) presents an exhibition of contemporary Australian art featuring three video and photographic installations dealing with issues of identity and representation from the Indigenous perspective. Since 2005, the Art Exchange Program has been […]

BenCab: Another Scale

The exhibition presents BenCab’s recreation of his installation done in Bandung, Indonesia in 1998 as a result of his collaboration with other Southeast-Asian artists for a workshop on Urbanisation. The installation is a reflection on urbanization and a critique of present-day environmental dilemmas. A reprise of his performance around this installation, also first executed in […]