Walang Kikilos | Evangelista, Pastrana, et al

Walang Kikilos! Nobody Move! is a collaborative project that documents the rhythms, patterns, textures, muscular memories, and cultural aches that relentlessly throb in our beloved city, Manila. Capturing the images, sounds, colors, surfaces, and substances of these clogged arteries are works of mixed and multi-media installations of video and photography, incorporating music, text, and sound. […]

The Untamed Wall | Gary-Ross Pastrana

A deviation, to say the least—from the highly mutable forms of ideas and objects found in his conceptual works—are Pastrana’s collages. This series of works, done exclusively in the perfunctory manner of cutting and pasting, should serve as his envoy to the more deliberate and confined nature of wall-bound works. They act as his emissaries […]

Gallery Exit | I submit to the wisdom of the body

Silverlens Gallery presents I Submit To The Wisdom Of The Body, a group exhibition featuring 6 contemporary artists from Hong Kong, namely, Nadim ABBAS, KWAN Sheung Chi, KONG Chun Hei, Angela SU, Sarah LAI, and Luke CHING. They will be joined by Filipino artists, Gary-Ross Pastrana and Cocoy Lumbao, who are part of the show’s […]