Feelings | Con Cabrera

“Feelings” is Con Cabrera’s on-going project, which makes use of her husband’s discards from his paper cut artworks. The portability of the materials allows her to respond to creative impulses in the midst of domestic routines. The installation depicts the artist’s navigation of womanhood through ruminating on themes of housework, personal space and ideology. Source: The […]

Sa Kung Saan Patungo ang Langit (To Where the Sky Will Lead Us) | Derek Tumala

“To Where the Sky Will Lead Us” speculates on the speculative between the realism in public cosmology and the local culture’s epistemology on creation, planetary motions and cosmic formulations that bear the physical world and the machine of myth. In Tumala’s previous presentation Appetite For Wonder, he reverse engineers the property of Light by testing […]

Transitional Objects | Ged Merino

Psychoanalysis, particularly that of Donald Woods Winnicott’s, expands the study of transitional object or phenomena as more than the simplified idea of what we know as “comfort objects”. The activities that craft people’s nascent journey of understanding the not-me(ness) of themselves are identified through gestures of attachment and wearing out – as if the object […]

Behind the Clouds | Ronald Ventura

“. . . An installation of found objects presents memories preserved through mementoes and other items collected during travel, providing cues for layers and overlapping images to take shape. Such material and process allude to a kind of attachment to sites and places, the one which haunts a traveller, or every soul that once lived […]