The Ordinary Man | Josemaria Paolo Icasas

In a small construction site, it is unusually quiet – no pounding and hammering, no sound of shovels trailing concrete ground, no shouting conversations drowning in the screech of a grinder cutting through ceramic tile. There is, however, a sound of an open faucet, water filling up a pail, echoing clacking noises of tools being […]

The Weight of Words | Matutina, Electrolychee, Gerilya, et al

The good news is that, human rights is, in the eyes of the vast majority, once again relevant, not that it ever was not. The bad news is that many, especially among those in positions of great power, see it as an inconvenience, a frivolity, and a hindrance to progress, order, and the elimination of […]

Tahigami Music | Datu Arellano

Tahi is the Filipino word for stitch and gami (kami) is Japanese for paper. Combined they form Tahigami, a word the artist made up, which means stitching on paper. Datu Arellano began Tahigami as a method of drawing. After a few years in development, tahi to him is about connecting, discovering common threads, finding intersections […]

Olazo Large-Scale

The Cultural Center of the Philippines is proud to present an exhibit of Romulo Olazo paintings entitled Olazo Large-Scale.It will be held at the CCP’s Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery), and will have its opening reception on 15 July, Saturday, at 6pm. The exhibit will be on view from 15 July to 8 September 2017. The […]

The Inverted Telescope | Aquilizan, Bunoan, Damag, et al

The Inverted Telescope opens on 7 June, 6pm at the 4th floor galleries of the CCP. In this exhibition, curator Angel Shaw presents a dialogue with artists Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, Ringo Bunoan, Gaston Damag, Kawayan de Guia, Mark Justiniani, Arvin Nogueras, and Walang Kikilos (Poklong Anading, Rico Entico, Jayvee del Rosario, Neo Maestro, Paul Mondok, MM […]

Lying in State: Cesar F. Legaspi Birth Centennial

Art and martial law: Taking on the elephant in the room Early modernist painter Cesar Legaspi hit his stride in the Philippine artworld during the martial law period but he did not ascend to National Artist status till Corazon Aquino’s term.Between the three then would-be National Artists Hernando Ocampo, Vicente Manansala, and Legaspi, the latter […]

Another World | Russ Ligtas

A lone being sends signals out into space. The message is simple-a gesture of kinship. An invitation to say: Ako pud. Me too. Russ Ligtas, in his first solo exhibition after seven years, broadcasts into the void a simulation of an individual’s reality-the world of one’s own. Its intersecting layers and gradations projected, this homeworld […]

You Are Here: Selections from the CCP Visual Arts Collection

ou Are Here is a survey of various figurative and abstract works from the Visual Arts Collection of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It is a deconstruction of presence and absence, missing and found, ebb and flow—a flux of coming and of going. This curated endeavor is meant to work as a dialogue between […]