Chance, Perfection, Simple or Complex | Capati, Garcia, de Guia, et al

“Is the best art simple or complex? Do you believe in the possibility of perfection or is it all determined by chance?” These are the questions the curator Tony Godfrey asked eight artists in this exhibition: Pablo Capati III, Nona Garcia, Kawayan de Guia, Nilo Ilarde, Geraldine Javier, Donna Ong, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo, Zhao Renhui. As […]

‘No Chaos No Party’: Glimpse into the Manila Contemporary Art Scene

It has been almost three decades since the book ‘Conversations on Philippine Art’ by art critic and writer Cid Reyes has been published. It is timely now, given the massive developments in the art practice since the 80’s, to release such book that features interviews and inside correspondences with the artists of the time. This is where the contemporary art book […]

UNTITLED | Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

UNTITLED centers on the displaced functionality of selected and neglected found objects that linger in our households, in spite of their diminished presence and use. Phonebooks, the bible, a dictionary, documents and expired currency fill spaces in our lives regardless of their actual purpose. Like spectres of recent pasts, the pieces remain familiar though already […]