Faces, Bodies & Places II: The Solo Exhibition of Rellie L. Liwag

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” From among the hundreds of memorable quotes about the meaning and value of art, from the philosophical to the formalist, from Picasso down to an eager art contestant, I found the statement of Thomas Merton as the most engaging, most insightful, and […]

Nature’s Symphony | Joyce Herrera-Wong

This October, ArtistSpace presents Nature’s Symphony, the solo exhibition of visual artist and philanthropist Joyce Herrera-Wong, which showcases colorful, exotic works that reflect her appreciation of nature and reveal her worldwide travels. The collection pays tribute to nature’s inherent perfection, from which Herrera-Wong finds immense inspiration. Under Herrera-Wong’s paintbrush, nature is depicted in pixel perfect […]

Ang Mundo ni Inay | Araceli Limcaco Dans

Acclaimed visual artist Araceli Limcaco Dans embarks on a new exhibit entitled “Ang Mundo ni Inay”. Dans is best known for her delicate calado paintings in watercolour and acrylic, which Leonor Orosa Goquinco (National Artist of the Philippines for Creative Dance) described as “perfection itself, the epitome of elegance.” In her latest exhibit, she places a […]

What I Love The Most | Cecil Go

This latest collection of Cecil Go’s works of contemporary countryside scenes and depictions of ordinary Filipinos is a statement of his simple lifestyle, freedom of energy and diversity in style.  His multi-faceted creations in “What I Love to Do Most” reflect his limitless love for and creativity in painting, furniture, and home accessories. Go’s style does not always conform to […]

Transcendent | Wenceslao “Tito” Cuevas, An Insight on 40 Years of Abstract

According to Contemporary Cebu exhibit curator John Vincent Castro, the term “regional art” in the Philippines bears a stereotyped notion of rurality. Often, what comes to mind in mentioning this type of art are Amorsolo-like imageries of sundrenched rice fields set against wide expanses of azure skies. This widely held thought may be rooted in […]

No One Wants to Hang a Bad Picture | Lui Manaig

In his first solo exhibition, No One Wants to Hang a Bad Picture, Lui Manaig courageously explores new interpretations of beauty for the contemporary eye saturated with imagery of our ever-expanding visual culture—from billboards, magazines, and the social media. Juxtaposing scenes of destruction and squalor, unflattering angles of portraiture and still lifes with dazzling patterns […]

Plaything and Other Flights of Fancy | Michael Rodriguez Gomez

In his first solo exhibit, Playthings and other Flights of Fancy, Michael Rodriguez Gomez presents sculptures and dioramas which represent facets of everyday Philippine life juxtaposed with an almost-comical innocence. Using vibrant colors and sometimes somber hues, his pieces, though reminiscent of childhood playthings, often delve into the political and reveal situations which are intended […]

Ronson Culibrina: Recent Works

A new series in his project of intervening with the art of old masters, Ronson Culibrina presents selected masterpieces and reflects on the impact of East-West encounter on cultural identity and its manifestations in today’s contemporary popular culture. In one piece in the exhibition, he reinterprets Gustave Courbet’s Burial at Ornans, a key work in […]

The Bejewelled Cosmos | Cristina Grisar

ArtistSpace presents “The Bejewelled Cosmos: Paintings, Jewellery & Photographs from This and Other Worlds”, the first solo exhibition of Spanish-Chilean and Filipino artist Cristina Grisar Brias. The show is composed of paintings, photography and jewellery that explore the universal order governing the cosmos, which has inspired the artist immensely. The works are multidisciplinary in approach, ranging […]

Oceans Apart | Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero

Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero continues to explore her passion for the visual arts. Her first exhibit at ArtistSpace of the Ayala Museum in Makati City two years ago was well received, which is an understatement for the 10-day exhibit simply because it was sold-out on the first hour of the opening day. In the art circle, a “sold-out” solo exhibit […]

Introspection | John Marin

John Marin’s Solo Exhibition “Introspection” Exhibition runs from January 13-26, 2016 ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum Source: ArtistSpace Facebook Page