Alvin Zafra, Costantino Zicarelli, Nice Buenaventura | Solo Exhibitions

Clarity and abstraction await at Artinformal this August with new exhibitions by Alvin Zafra, Costantino Zicarelli, and Nice Buenaventura. CCP Thirteen Artist awardee Alvin Zafra takes us on a poignant journey along EDSA in his exhibition titled Hi-Way 54, featuring his trademark sandpaper works illustrating different stations along the infamous highway. Seemingly blurry, his depictions […]

Mars Bugaoan, Kurt Lluch, Atsuko Yamagata | Solo Exhibitions

We’ve all heard of the saying “Life is what you make it,” but what really defines life? This July, Artinformal gallery presents three artists exploring ideas of the self, its journey, and ultimately, the age-old question of “What does it mean to live?” The Main Gallery will house layers of abstraction and biomorphic forms, parts […]

Median Landscape | Pope Bacay

What is our relationship to an in-between place? It falls in a precarious position, the meandering line that connects two, often known, locations. At both ends, our identity and relationship to the place is stable. But for the in-between, we know nothing beyond its surface. To look out the window during a routine travel is […]

Compositions | Katarina Ortiz

“It is not simply the physical barrier of the skin since this would overlook both the psychological sphere that exists beyond our basic corporeal boundaries and the reciprocal relationship between self and context.” – Sally O’Rielly I am interested in exploring notions of identity and themes of authorship through the use of technology and the […]

Lost Highway | Mariano Ching

Mobilities and its anxieties or why now is NOT the time to drink In 1898, the French cartoonist Marius Rossillon showed a rejected study he originally did for a German brewery to the brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, owners of what was then a fledgling bicycle tire company. The sketch featured a rotund man offering […]

UNTITLED | Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

UNTITLED centers on the displaced functionality of selected and neglected found objects that linger in our households, in spite of their diminished presence and use. Phonebooks, the bible, a dictionary, documents and expired currency fill spaces in our lives regardless of their actual purpose. Like spectres of recent pasts, the pieces remain familiar though already […]

Interstitium | Iori Espiritu, Titat Naval Ledesma, and Carlos Sevilla

An interstice is an empty space between things that plays no importance in the composition of objects, a space where minute microorganisms form and develop, where bodily fluids flow between cells. We sense tiny gaps, cracks, and crevices in fields of what we perceive, as part of a reality based on certainty. This exhibition quietly […]

Fata Morgana | Zafra and Balanon

Our overloaded, chaotic, and hustling metropolitan lifestyle can easily turn us into callous pedestrians; forgiving inhabitants to aggravating minutiae of our surroundings; where objects of annoyance become bearable sights and turns to our acquired norms. In Fata Morgana, Victor Balanon and Alvin Zafra, investigate the truth of this predicament by tapping on images that activate […]

There Is Water Where The Sun Never Shines | Veronica Pee

“There is water where the sun never shines”; describes a particular region of the Moon where ice water was found – which means there is the possibility of life on it. I find the Moon to be a curiously recurring subject primarily because it is there, imposing its presence upon us like a reference point […]

When All Grounds Are Sacred | JC Jacinto

A dug hole can mean a lot of things. It could be a site for foundation, destruction, or grave. JC Jacinto explores this image which has become prevalent within our immediate surroundings; an image that has nearly become part of the Filipino consciousness. There is not an instance nowadays where the travels of the city-dweller […]