Reimagining the Retablo: A Review of Retablo 2.0 | Wilfredo Offemaria, Jr.

Considered by Jesuit art historian Rene Javellana, S.J. as the “centerpiece of any baroque church interior,” the retablo, commonly known as the altarpiece in Western cultures, houses paintings and sculptures of divine personages in its multi-tiered, oftentimes multileveled, carved wooden panels. Derived from the Latin word retaulus, formed by the merging of the words retro, […]

Facing Anonymity: A Review of Avenida Karnabal | Max Balatbat

Bringing the fete of Avenida, or rather bringing a fete — that is Avenida into the metropolitan Makati, Max Balatbat heightens the exposure of the banal and scandalous characters he encountered into paradoxical portraits. Banking on the honor and dignity history has bestowed to portraits and the other objects and icons that signify royalty and prestige, Balatbat attempts to present the avenue of Avenida […]

Idiopathic Hues: The Modernists’ Color Palette: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Modern artists began with the assumption that color and shape formed the essential characteristics of art. Color, as perceived visually, is experiential and relies heavily on and is influenced by a specific environment. Thus, a distinct color palette became evident from the works of the second wave of Philippine Modernists – the Philippine Art Gallery […]