Xenorealism | Peter Moosgaard

1335MABINI proudly presents artist-in-residence Peter Moosgaard in a solo exhibition titled “Xenorealism” from April 28 to May 24, 2017. Originating from the Greek word mekhos which means “means, expedient,” machines were primarily invented to assist people in various manual tasks and activities, most significantly in economic production typified during the Industrial Revolution. Innumerable cycles of […]

Representations | Olazo, Rubio, Abrugena

Jonathan Olazo (b. 1969) is a painter who works in expressionistic, gestural and elemental abstraction. He has widely exhibited at local galleries and museums, including the Cultural Center of the Philippines, UP Vargas Museum, and Lopez Museum. He was a CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee in 1994 and has won awards from the Philippine Association of […]

Arrays of Evidence | Kiri Dalena

Kiri Dalena (b.1975) is an acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker known internationally for her works that lay bare the social inequalities and injustices that continue to persist, particularly in the Philippines. Her active involvement in the mass struggle to uphold human rights amidst state persecution is the foundation for her art practice that underscores the […]

Endings are Beginnings of Pendings | Indy Paredes

From Paredes’ continued interest in the negotiations between public and private spaces comes the artist’s probing of infrastructure expansion culture. The exhibition particularly explores a peculiar architectural sensibility (or lack thereof) usually practiced in populous areas in the country, where rooftops – which are intuitively considered to be the finishings of a structure – are […]

Meet Me Halfway | Mark Salvatus

Salvatus creates work within the urban context, being both informed and inspired the everyday politics of living in the city. The movements of the metropolis – its cycles and contradictions – allow him to develop natural and loose propositions that manifest in his art practice. Coming from the countryside and subsequently moving from apartment to […]

Supercargo Ayoke | Peter Moosgaard

Peter Moosgaard’s work revolves around the sacred quest for “Supercargo,” a messianic freight that will be summoned by rudimentary replicas of artworks, products and commodities. The term is the derived from “cargo cult,” a ritualistic occurrence arising from contact between indigenous inhabitants and colonizing figures, manifested through the imitation of foreign goods (cargo) by the […]

The Apocalypse Project: Urban Harvest | Catherine Sarah Young

The Apocalypse Project: Urban Harvest is the latest body of work from Catherine Sarah Young’s The Apocalypse Project, an interdisciplinary platform that explores climate change and our environmental futures, which she began in 2013 during an art science residency at the Singapore-ETH Zurich Future Cities Laboratory. The project has since traveled to Manila, Seoul, San […]