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Do The Art Hop: On Using the Manila Art Events Page

Ever wanted to do an art hop around Manila’s various art museums and galleries, but you always get lost around the clutter of the Internet?

Well, in line with the goal to be a central hub for information about the visual art happenings around the Metro Manila region, details about time-bound exhibitions, fairs, and events are aggregated in the Events Page of Manila Art Scene. Upon access of the website, you would be able to browse through the Manila art events that are happening at that particular day.

Aside from the art events during the day, you may also browse through the past and future happenings available in the website’s database of events. The following steps are for accessing these:

Step 1: Upon reaching the Events page of Manila Art Scene, place the intended day of visit in the date picker at the upper left portion of the page. This will show all events (art talks and fairs) happening during the selected day, and all art exhibitions open during that day.


Step 2: Scan through the events that are open during that day. Each entry contains the title, the venue, the dates, and a short description of the event.


Step 3: Pore over the details of your chosen event upon clicking the “Find Out More” link. The link will bring you to a dedicated page for the event, which includes a more detailed description on the event and the venue, and the link to the source of the information. (We do not tolerate plagiarism here.) If you are not aware of the location of the venue, you may check the Google Maps plug-in at the lower portion of the page.


With this, plan out your itineraries for your arthop now! See you around!

Disclaimer: Although the exhibition may be visible in the listing, please check the museum/gallery hours and schedules prior your visit. You may do so through this link. We are still working our way to improving the calendar feature of Manila Art Scene. Thanks for the patronage.

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