Art Beyond Words | The Struggles and Triumphs of Nolet Soliven

It was an early morning in 2013 when Tosh Soliven, the wife of Filipino artist Nolet Soliven, received a text message from their housekeeper. Her husband was already asking to be fetched from his studio. She found this odd, as oftentimes, Nolet himself would call her. Upon her arrival, she found her husband struggling to descend the stairs from his second-floor studio. Nolet couldn’t move his body properly then, and his speech was slurred.

They brought Nolet to the hospital. “It was a massive stroke,” Tosh explained. Nolet quickly underwent an operation and spent three days in a coma followed by a couple of weeks in hospital, before returning home, bedridden for the next few months. “Angels,” Tosh said, recalling how her husband survived the events leading to his stroke.

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